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Collage & Mixed Media Workshops

Do you accumulate bits of cloth, fabric textures, scraps of paper? Make collages by using mixed media, acrylic paint, markers, pencils, and paper. You can create and embellish your art work with your own unique expression. Individual attention for your own projects will be provided in a relaxed studio atmosphere by an award winning professional artist. Demonstrations of various techniques and materials will be provided. Inspiring and informational handouts given during workshop. Art supply list provided upon registration. Workshop costs dependent on number of students, location, and length of workshop time desired.

Supplies: acrylic or watercolor paints, brushes, fabrics, found items, sewing needles and threads, scissors, acrylic gel medium and fine art quality papers, your choice of interesting collage elements, feathers, buttons, scrap of metal, papers.

Monotype Screenprinting Workshops demonstrate the use of a water-based screenprint process. Create one of a kind prints using nontoxic screenprint media. Examples of screenprints shown. Instructional, inspirational handouts provided. Supply list offered upon registration and deposit. Screenprint class costs dependent on number of students, length of workshop time desired and location of class.

Supplies: quality fine art paper, screen, squeegee, nontoxic waterbased extender, watercolor media i.e.: waterbased crayons, pencils, markers, also hair dryer, spray cleaner (like 409), dish liquid soap, plastic bristle cleaning brush, scissor, paintbrushes.

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Diebenkorn Lounger, ©2003, collage, A. Fuhrman



Pods in Tahiti, ©1992, monotype screenprint, A. Fuhrman


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