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"Andrea Fuhrman conveys the sense of an invented place, one that arises from recollections of environments and souvenirs that are evocative of those memories.

Her primary visual experience as a child was peering through her father's microscope to view his collection of biology slides, so the small scale of her work is reminiscent of Persian miniatures. She collages images from various sources, such as biology textbooks and dictionaries. Raised in the home-as-haven 1950s she is also drawn to decorating magazines, with their seductive but unattainable tranquility, beauty and sanctuary. With pigment, tiny scissors, needle and thread, Fuhrman cuts, sutures and paints wordless correspondence that document a world partly inhabited and partly remembered."

-Linda Shearer, former director, Williams College Museum of Art

Salina Country Club, Salina KS     12/1/15- 1/31/16


Untitled, 2014, acrylic on masonite, 8.5" x 8.5"


Turquoise Moon, 2012  photo

Salina Country Club exhibit January 2014


The Center for Railroad Art and Photography features my work

in Trains Magazine!



Painted: Photographs 2008-2011

8.75" x 11.25" $122.46 plus shipping and handling and tax

Andrea Fuhrman



A. Fuhrman c 2011photo

A. Fuhrman c 2012  photo


A. Fuhrman c 2011 photo

A. Fuhrman c 2012 photo

A. Fuhrman c 2011 photo

A. Fuhrman c 2011 photo

A. Fuhrman c 2012  photo

A. Fuhrman c 2011 photo

Andrea Fuhrman c 2012 photo

Andrea Fuhrman c 2012 photo


Stripes, 2011, 8" x 12.5", acrylic on masonite, A.Fuhrman

Like a Child, 2011 A. Fuhrman 29.75" x 35.25" acrylic on masonite

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Splash! c2010 by Andrea Fuhrman

Splash! is an 11' x 36' Mexican Byzantine smalti glass mosaic wall at Kenwood Cove Acquatic Park in Salina, KS.

Original design of Splash! by Andrea Fuhrman c 2010

Pictured above is one of three segments of the mural.

Splash! is a digital photographic image of altered train graffiti.

The image refers to droplets that water makes when one enters the water.

The water is set in motion, and one is refreshed, changed, renewed, transformed.

Multiple colors represent the ways that water molecules vibrate with movement, creating changing patterns.

The notion of movement and change is suggested thru the repetition of the splash image in varying colors, hues and tones.

Mosaika, Inc. ( fabricated and installed the Mexican Byzantine smalti glass into a mosaic mural:

I'm in the yellow hardhat.


Andrea Fuhrman: Lawrence Arts Center installation, January 2010

The 940 Dance Company, Lawrence’s professional, contemporary dance company, presents "Transformations", a concert for healing self and community,

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 at the Lawrence Arts Center.

The program will include new and old works.

Artistic Director Susan Rieger will premiere "Interior Landscapes", a dance in seven segments that traverses many emotions. Interior Landscapes

will be accompanied by digital media from artist Andrea Fuhrman. here is the url to view the dance piece:

In addition, Fuhrman's digital photo works on exhibit in the Lawrence Arts Center lobby.



Salina Art Center, Salina KS

September 04, 2009 — October 04, 2009
Artist Exchange

Opening Reception
Thursday, September 3, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Remarks by Artist Exchange participants at 5:30 pm

Six Kansas artists have been engaged in a ten-month discovery process as participants in the Salina Art Center’s 2008-09 Artist Exchange program. The Exchange, now in its third year, is a mentoring process that enables local and regional artists to teach and learn together while engaged in challenging, innovative work that has culminated in this exhibition in the Art Center galleries.

Three regional artists have served as one-on-one mentors to three mentorees who are embarking on new work, taking their work in new directions, or striving to advance the level of their work. Participating artists for this year’s program are Marc Berghaus of Meade mentoring Brady Hatter, a Wichita State University student; Sandy Wedel of Salina mentoring Amy Payne, also a Salina resident; and Barbara Waterman-Peters of Topeka mentoring Andrea Fuhrman of Abilene.

These artists, working in one-on-one pairs, have communicated and met regularly, documenting their methods and insights in personal journals as they have shared ideas, discussed concepts and techniques, and refined their artistic philosophies.

Andrea Fuhrman Installation View: (left to right) "Comparative Vandalism", "Exposure", and "Bite" c 2009


Artist Statement

"One sends a postcard and writes to a friend or relative, I am here. You are there. One writes to document the place, the time, a kind of map. I try to create a sense of place, recollect an environment, devise a new universe. Thus, postcards act as a metaphor of distance, separation and connection. Postcards function as a temporal souvenir announcing one's location and state of mind at a specific time in one's life. By collaging dissimilar forms together to make images appear coherent, the postcards remain illogical yet seamless narratives.

These postcards are art invitations that I receive in the mail and then transform. I respond to the artist’s work pictured, frustrated that I am not in that show! By altering those images to improve what is originally imprinted --to edit, correct, to distinguish, I make an effort to make my mark and be included." 

Won BEST in SHOW Martha Rhea Award, Smoky Hill River Festival, 2007

Pictured (left to right) Martha Rhea, Andrea Fuhrman, Karla Prickett

Jurors: Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and Senior Curator Bemis Center for Contemporary Art; Sydney Pener, Metalsmith Instructor, Johnson County Community College, and KS State U; Peter Pinnel, Potter, Associate Professor of Art, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE; Ann Piper, Artist, Painting/ Drawing, Associate Professor of Art, Emporia State U, Emporia, KS.

Also won Purchase Award by Jurors for Salina Arts and Humanities collection.

Magic Suitcase, 2008, collage, mixed media


House Plan, 2007 Andrea Fuhrman

Lorraine Glessner's blog about my work can be found at this website below:


Fuhrman lives in Abilene KS; is rehabbing 210 North Cedar Street with Duane Kalman:


Exhibit at A.I.R. Gallery, October 2004; Installation view of one wall (exhibit had 4 walls with a similiar density of works).

Fuhrman as a visiting artist-in-residence at The Art and Culture Center, Kolin Ryynänen, Joensuu, Finland for six and a half weeks in 2004:

Review included Andrea Fuhrman in August 2006 issue. Andrea Fuhrman and partner Duane Kalman were interviewed May 17, 2006 on the Topeka KS ABC News Morning show:

She was the featured artist in the March/April 2006 issue of Somerset Studio Magazine.

Fuhrman was one of twelve winning artists for the Lake County Discovery Museum, Curt Teich Archives Postcard Art Competition / Exhibition in 2003, and an exhibitng artist in 2005. The exhibits are included in Carte Postale published in 2014.

Her sculpture was shown at the Textile Arts Centre in Chicago, (1993)and her postcard sized works were exhibited at A.I.R. Gallery in Chelsea, October / November 2004.

In January 2004, she was a artist in residence at Jentel in WY. She spent a month in Costa Rica at the Julia and David White Artist Residency in 2002. She has exhibited in St. Louis at the Center for Contemporary Arts, and Locus Gallery, and won second place at the St. Louis Art Fair in 1994.

Visit or Northeastern University published an article: about her. She has also exhibited at Julie Baker Fine Art, Grass Valley; Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara; Quicksilver Mine Company, Forestville,CA and Pamela Skinner Gallery, Sacramento. She studied fine arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis.

Review of  Andrea Fuhrman at Locus Gallery, 2001 exhibit:

"Small has its advantages. All thirty-five mixed media pieces in Andrea Fuhrman's exhibit would easily slip inside a large handbag.  Titled "the way I see it", these painted collages all approximate the size of a snapshot and offer a peek into a tiny, mysterious world of tantalizing suggestions.  With surgical precision and a microscopic obsession with detail, Fuhrman creates an intimate, surreal universe where nothing makes sense but everything convinces us of its own internal logic. Each work is framed in a 1950’s dime store-style narrow, flowery gold frame and hung slightly crooked in a dense grid, touching its neighbor, with no space between.  This eccentric presentation creates an intense and rebellious effect that is repeated in the individual pieces.  

Looking like Persian miniatures gone awry, the series suggests a visual combination of Terry Winters, Kurt Schwitters and Paul Klee filtered through a blatantly female sensibility. Luscious painterly layers combine with quirky, off-the-wall, seemingly unrelated collage elements such as a small hairbrush, a fish, a spatula and a young Queen Elizabeth (the baroque one). Included are tiny bits and pieces of three-dimensional girlie detritus, shreds of ancient ribbon, hairs and threads, orphaned buttons and a tiny orthodontic rubberband. High and low culture mix gleefully as Fuhrman coyly sends us the message that one individual’s reaction to life’s nuances, trivia, pleasures and problems is significant.

Subversion comes both from the emphasis on female and on minutia. Fuhrman’s art takes clear pleasure in the intricacy, rich jewel-like color and pattern, flatness and sensuousness of the Eastern miniature genre but leaves the structured format and traditional male point-of-view behind.  She twists the genre to her own purpose which is to present her world, a female world, where the girl-woman rules.  Reinforcing her sly presentation of the sensuousness, dizziness and fun of being female are titles such as the knight is a girl, queen for a day, my palace, at home, seeing is believing and what its like here. Fuhrman whips up a frothy concoction of pale orange, sweet pink, creamy gold, enticing fruits and precarious balance in several compositions that almost start to twitter and move with a quirky energy.  In "at home", Fuhrman squelches the relaxing mood (created with Martha Stewart colors of peach, aqua, cream and gold) by inserting an off-kilter grid so that even in the domestic nest, life is something difficult, but intriguing, to deal with.  Her work leaves us with the same pleasurable daze we get from simultaneously channel-surfing and letting bites from a giant-size chocolate bar melt in our mouth."-----published in Art. St. Louis, Margaret Keller is St. Louis artist and teacher.


210 North Cedar Street, Abilene, KS 67410
(530) 863-0718



Masters, Fine Arts, M.F.A. Washington University, Scholarship Recipient, St. Louis
Bachelors, Fine Arts, B.F.A. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Scholarship Recipient


2016 "Recollections: Andrea Fuhrman" Diver's Studio, Wichita
2015 "Bite" CityArts, Wichita, in the BoardRoom
2014 -15 National Railroad Museum, From Big Boys to Boxcars: The Good & Bad of Railroad Graffiti, Green Bay, WI
2012 May Be Possible, new paintings KS Wesleyan University, Salina
  Salina Country Club, abstract photos
  Steifel-Watson Gallery, The Theory of Yes, Andrea Fuhrman
  Salina Public Library, "Cut" by Andrea Fuhrman
  Abstract Photos, Watermark Books and Cafe, Wichita, KS
2010 Abilene Public Library, Photography, Abilene, KS
Visual Arts Alliance, McPherson Opera House, KS
 Salina Public Library, Andrea Fuhrman and Duane Kalman
Carngie Arts Center, Andrea Fuhrman, Leavenworth, KS, exhibition and workshop
  Pence Gallery, Mythical Worlds, Andrea Fuhrman and Jack Alvarez, Davis, CA
  Art-Centric, The Secret Life of Symbols, Andrea Fuhrman and Amelia Hendley, Corvalis, OR
  Arts Council, Andrea Fuhrman, Dickinson County, Abilene, KS
Koli Cantata, Ahjo Kirkkokatu, Joensuu, Finland
  Auburn Public Library, Auburn, CA
Odyessy: Departures and Arrivals, A.I.R. Gallery, Chelsea, NY
Arts as Healing, Siteman Cancer Center, St. Louis
The way I see it, Locus Gallery, Clayton, MO
  The way I see it, OASIS, Clayton, MO
Harcourt Brace, London, England
Postcards from the Edge, Left Bank Books St. Louis, MO
Center for Contemporary Arts, The Power of Objects, University City, MO
  Penetralia, University City Library Gallery, juried exhibit
1994 Greenville College, Andrea Fuhrman, Greenville IL
  Ninth Street Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Tobacco Barns and Beyond, Jones Library, Amherst, MA


2015 Juried Show, CityArts, Wichita, Second Place Juror
2012 SteifelWatson Gallery Juried Art Invitational, Salina, KS
2011 SteifelWatson Gallery Juried Art Invitational, Salina, KS
  Visions of the Flint Hills Benefit, Buttonwood Art Space, KS City, MO
  Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery, Lindsborg KS
2010 Lawrence Arts Center, Andrea Fuhrman, New work, Lawrence, KS
  ArtAbility, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, photography award
  Visions of the Flint Hills, Buttonwood Gallery, KS City, MO

Five State Photography Exhibit, Hays Arts Council

2009 Salina Art Center Artist Exchange
2008 Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan KS, "Favorites",11/21/08-1/17/09
2007 Smoky Hill River Festival, BEST in SHOW, Martha Rhea Award, Salina, KS. Jurors:

Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and Senior Curator Bemis Center for Contemporary Art; Sydney Pener, Metalsmith Instructor, Johnson County Community College, and KS State U; Peter Pinnel, Potter, Associate Professor of Art, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE; Ann Piper, Artist, Painting/ Drawing, Associate Professor of Art, Emporia State U, Emporia, KS.

Also won Purchase Award by Jurors for Salina Arts and Humanities collection.

  Amazing Women, Artspring Invitational, Salina, KS
Baker's Dozen, Quicksilver Mine Company, Forestville, CA
Pamela Skinner Gallery, Three Women, Sacramento, CA
Lake County Discovery Museum, Postcard Art Competition and Exhibition, Wauconda, IL
Artists in the Studio: 30 Years of the Millay Colony for the Arts, Albany International Airport Gallery, Art & Culture Program, juror: Linda Shearer, Director, Williams College Museum of Art
  Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
  Julie Baker Fine Art, Spring! Grass Valley, CA
  Quicksilver Mine Co. Gallery, Forestville, CA
Traveling Exhibition Schedule:
  Center For Book & Paper Arts, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
  Greenbelt Cultural Center, North Chicago, IL
  McHenry County College Gallery,Crystal Lake, IL
  Old Court House Gallery, , Woodstock, IL
Independence Grove Visitor Center, Libertyville, IL
  Lake County Discovery Museum, Postcard Art Competition, (PACE) Wauconda, IL
(one of 12 winners from 270 entries)
  Biennale Internazionale Dell' Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy, (Invitational)
  Julie Baker Fine Art, Good Things in Small Packages, Grass Valley, CA
  Small Works and Dolls, Arts Building, Placer County Arts Council
  Auburn Art Walk(s), June 12, and April 2003
  Auburn Arts Council, group show
St. Louis Extract, Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO
  Venus Envy, IN/FORM Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Exhibits USA, National Division of Mid-America Arts Alliance; Apron Strings, Ties to the Past, J. Cheney, Curator

Traveling Group Exhibit:

  • Arts and Humanities Council, Ponca City, OK
  • Arts & Science Center for SEAR, Pine Bluff, AR
  • August Richmond County Museum, Augusta, GA
  • Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA
  • Cameron State University, Lawton, OK
  • Clark County Heritage Museum, Henderson, NV
  • Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach, FL
  • Florida Craftsman Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Fort Smith Art Center, Fort Smith, AR
  • Hansen Memorial Museum, Logan, KS
  • Hudson River Museum, Apron Strings, Yonkers,NY
  • Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, IN
  • Mountain Heritage Center, Cullowhee, NC
  • Rock County Historical Society, Janesville, WI
  • Rogers Historical Museum, Rogers AR
  • Sharp Museum, Jackson, MI
  • S.W. Michigan College Museum, Dowagiac, MI
  • TRAHC, Inc., Texarkana, TX
  • Marquette Hospital, Illinois
Wright Gallery, Less is More, Taos, NM
Venus Envy, Curator: Mallerie Zimmer, St. Louis
Art and Soul, St. Louis
  Fiber Focus: Art St. Louis, Mend, Sculpture Installation, Juror: D.C. Textile Museum Curator
Rebecca Stevens
  Macro Sun Gallery, Diurnal, Nocturnal, Lila, Kim Apicella's performance art (actor)
  Warehouse District Artists' Open Studio Day sponsored by Art St. Louis
  St. Louis Design Center, Mask Encounters, Co-Curator; Performer in K. Apicella's Bridal Veil, 1906, 1930, 1954
Women's Caucus for Art, Jane Barrow, Juror, St. Louis
Forum for Contemporary Art, Signs of the Cross, St. Louis
Quad State Exhibit, Juror: J. McCrea, U. Kansas Art Chair, Catalogue, two Merit Awards
Reicher Gallery, Barat College, The Matter of the Body, Curator: Barbara Kulak; D. Wilk, Sr. Editor, New Art Examiner, Highland, IL
Textile Arts Centre, Fiber '94, Juror: Anne Wilson, Chicago, IL
  St. Louis Art Fair, Invited Exhibitor, National Juried Show, Won 2nd Place (150 Exhibitors)
  Pierce Arrow Gallery, 38 Hands, St. Louis
  Cultural Diversity, Center for Contemporary Arts, St. Louis, MO
The Union League Civic & Arts Foundation, Scholarship Recipients' Exhibition, Chicago, IL
Artemesia: Invitational, Chicago
Betty Rymer Gallery, Juried First Year Show, Chicago
  Fiori Gallery, Annual Summer Invitational, Cleveland
  Cleveland Institute of Art Printmakers, Multiples, Karamu House Gallery
  BP Atrium Gallery, North Coast Collage Society Annual Juried Exhibit, Cleveland
Willoughby School of Fine Arts, Juried Exhibit, Willoughby, OH
Cleveland Museum of Art, Northeast Ohio Visual Artists Slide Show, Cleveland
Zone Gallery, Springfield, MA



2010 Red Barn Studio, Lindsborg, KS
The Art and Culture Center Kolin Ryynänen, Joensuu, Finland
  Jentel Artist Residency Program, Banner, WY
Julia and David White Artist Residency, Costa Rica, Central America
Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, NM
UCROSS Foundation, Clearmont, WY
  National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts, Career Advancement for the Visual Artists Program culminating in a Corcoran Gallery of Art, Exhibit (alternate)
  Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL (wait list)
  Villa Montalvo, CA (deferred to wait list)
  Millay Colony, Austerlitz, NY
Studios Midwest, Galesburg, IL



Salina Art Center Artist Exchange Program (year long)culminating in group exhibit, August 2009

  Nominated for Henri Cartier Bresson Photography Award by Salina Art Center
2007 Smoky Hill River Festival, BEST in SHOW, Martha Rhea Award, Salina, KS. Jurors:

Mark Masuoka, Executive Director and Senior Curator Bemis Center for Contemporary Art; Sydney Pener, Metalsmith Instructor, Johnson County Community College, and KS State U; Peter Pinnel, Potter, Associate Professor of Art, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE; Ann Piper, Artist, Painting/ Drawing, Associate Professor of Art, Emporia State U, Emporia, KS.

Also won Purchase Award by Jurors for Salina Arts and Humanities collection.

Lake County Discovery Museum, Postcard Art Competition (one of 12 artists from 270 submissions)
Arts in Transit Artists Roster for Special Projects (juried)
Alternate, for CAVA program, culminating in Corcoran, exhibit
Quad State Exhibit, First Bankers Trust & Gardner Denver Merit Awards
St. Louis Art Fair, (150 Artists) Second Place Prize
  Liquitex Excellence in Art Product Grant Award
Excelsior Award, North Coast Collage Society, OH



2010 Cutting Edges workshop, Red Barn Studio, Lindsborg, KS
 John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Seminar: "Planning Effective Arts Integrated Residencies for Students" participant via Lied Center of KS & Salina Arts & Humanities
  Visual Artists Allliance, McPherson, exhibition and collage workshop
  Discoverers Arts Program, Salina Art Center, Collage and Photo
  Solomon After School, Photography and art classes
Snapshots, invited artist, Salina Art Center
Cutting Edges collage workshops, Dickinson County Arts Council, Abilene, KS
  Picture Person, Garfield School, Abilene KS
Sacramento City College, Slide Talk, Sacramento, CA
St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley, Sculpture I , Sculpture II, Design II
  Women's Caucus for Art, slide lecture, University City, MO
Washington University, Guest Critic for Printmaking Graduates & Undergraduates
Center for Contemporary Arts; Screenprinting; Art as Access to Memory; Postcard Interiors
Webster University, Slide Lecture
  Fontbonne College, Slide Lecture
  The Center for Contemporary Arts, Collage, Assemblage, Mixed Media
St. Louis Art Museum, Monotype Screen Printing Workshop
  Washington University, Slide Lecture
  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Visiting Artist, Fiber Department
  St. Louis Community College, Forest Park, Mixed Media, Assemblage, Collage
  St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley, POP Art History for OASIS
  Women's Caucus For Art, Slide Lecture
University of Illinois / Carbondale, Visiting Artist, Fiber Department
  Greenville College, Visiting Artist
  University City Public Library, Slide lecture


Rehabbing building to create art gallery, studio and residence
Auburn Journal, freelance writer, Auburn, CA
Auburn Art Walk,volunteer committee member
Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital & Washington University School of Medicine Coordinator, Arts As Healing, for oncology patients, families, staff and volunteers. Created and implemented arts programming utilizing community arts resources and agencies: collaboration with the Saint Louis Symphony, Botanical Garden, Webster University Film Series, Sheldon Concert Hall, Saint Louis Opera Theatre, The New Theatre, Gash Voigt Dance Company. Offered art workshops, supervised graduate and undergraduate student interns from local universities. Curated multiple exhibits and programming linking art and health issues.
Intermission, wrote art reviews
  St. Louis Post Dispatch, art reviews
  City Museum, Performance artist, St. Louis, MO
International Women's Brass Conference, grant writer, St. Louis, MO
Freelance writer, art reviews, articles, grants, St. Louis, MO
Women's Art Library Member, London, England
School of the Art Institute of Chicago: lecture for interested St. Louis applicants
  Women's Caucus For Art, Board Member; National Convention Delegate to Boston, MA
St. Louis Artist Guild, Education Committee Board Member
St. Louis Art Museum, Prints,Drawings and Photographs Curator's Assistant with Lovis Corinth 1996 exhibit catalogue
Textile Arts Centre, Gallery and Administrative Assistant Chicago, IL
Northern Illinois University Art Gallery Assistant, Chicago, IL
Studio Assistant, Chicago, IL, Artists Joan Livingstone & Anne Wilson
Evanston Art Center Administrative Assistant, Evanston, IL
Betty Rymer Gallery Assistant, Chicago, IL: Installation and reception
Lyman Allyn Museum, Connecticut College, Art Teacher Assistant


2014 Spencer Art Library, Artist File Initiative, Nelson Atkins Museum and
Nelson Atkins Mus
Carte Postale, award winning art 1995-2011
2013 Smoky Hill River Festival limited edition print photo diptych
Painted: Photographs 2008-2011 by Andrea Fuhrman self published 2011
The Art of Emprise Bank Calendar, cover photograph, 2010
"Review", KS City Art Publication, 2006
Archives on Women Artists, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.
Beatles Art: Fantastic New Art of the Fab Four, Boxigami Books, Dunlap, IL
Subtle Tea, July, 2005, online literary journal, http// Pour, Viper, Gene Pool, pictured and linked
Aprons, A Celebration, by Joyce Cheney, pictured on p114: Snarl, apron, mixed media
Intermission articles: The Art of TV, Kim Apicella, Mike Javernick, The Art Hotel
KWMU archives; CityScape Interview: 2002, Andrea Fuhrman, Ken Konchel and Linda Horsley "Making a Living as an Artist"
St. Louis Post Dispatch, wrot art reviews
Boulevard, Fall edition, 1998, visual images, St. Louis University visual and literary journal
Lovis Corinth, 1996 St. Louis Art Museum Catalogue (curator's assistant)
Artichoke, 1991-93, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Journal of Art and Poetry
Peregrine, 1985, Amherst Artists and Writers' Journal
Hampshire Gazette, 1984, Calligraphy, Northampton, MA


"Trainspotting: Andrea Fuhrman", Review, Mid America's Visual Arts Publication, ArtKC365, by Steve Brisendine, 2/8/10

Review, August 2006, Andrea Fuhrman, Scissors, Stacks Gallery, Carnegie Arts Center p.29

Pitch, August 3 - 9, 2006, The Kindest Cut, Rebecca Braverman

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Amherst Bulletin, July 1989, Tobacco Barns and Beyond review
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1988, Helen Cullinan, arts reviewer


Arts and Humanities Foundation, Salina, KS
Adler Visual Systems, St. Louis, MO
Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO
Benesch Friedlander Company, Cleveland, OH
City of Salina, KS, Splash! Mexican Byzantine smalti glass mosaic mural,

Public Art Collection

Clayton Counseling Associates, St. Louis, MO

Emprise Bank, Wichita KS, Emprise Bank Art Collection
Kane County Public Building Commission, Geneva, IL
Lashley and Baer, St. Louis, MO

Marriott Hotel, O'Hare Airport, Chicago, IL

Timothy Mickiewicz, DDS Positive Dental Attitude, Sacramento, CA

Pier 210 Dental Group, Auburn, CA
Clyde Leff, Owens Corning Fiberglass, Toledo, OH

Schubert Public Affairs, Orange County, CA
Stuart Karge, McDermott Will and Emory, Chicago, IL
Resource Careers, Inc., Cleveland, OH
RFP Clearing, St. Louis, MO
Washington University, St. Louis, MO


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